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Priming with A Hydrating Fluid

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Priming with a Hydrating Fluid Valmont

Instant hydrating primer
Diffuses a fresh and hydrating mist. With immediate beauty in mind, microdroplets fill the skin with water and plant extracts. "A moisturizing cloud that softens and enhances all skin types."
What are the benefits of Hydrating Fluid?
  • Brings instant hydration to the face and body
  • Refreshes the complexion 
  • Sets makeup
  • Once quenches, skin regains suppleness and luminosity

Who is Priming with a Hydrating Fluid recommended for?

Suitable for all skin types.

How do I apply Priming with a Hydrating Fluid? 

Spray the product onto clean skin on the face and/or body. Follow up with products adapted to the skin’s needs depending on area.   Once makeup is applied, spray 1 to 2 pumps on the face.


Sea buckthorn: eliminates dead cells on the skin’s surface and optimizes the effectiveness of following treatments. Witch hazel: soothes and protects blood capillaries. Aloe vera: hydrates and softens the skin