It's Time To Break Up With Your Scrub

It's Time To Break Up With Your Scrub

It’s time to break up with your facial scrub and use a chemical exfoliant instead.

Hey, I said what I said, but hear me out - most facial scrubs on the market are too aggressive for soft facial skin.

Chemical exfoliation is much more controlled giving a steady dose of ingredients delivered at a consistent daily rate.

Scrubs are managed by the person manipulating the scrub. Most people want to scrub everything off their skin - especially those with breakouts and blackheads. We think if we just scrub enough it will scrub away. This ends in overexfoliation. Which leads to - guess what? More breakouts.

Too much exfoliation (same goes with chemical exfoliation) can lead to inflammation, irritation, moisture loss, and disrupts the skins’ protective barrier. Plus, with compromised skin you will be more susceptible to sunburns (aka old looking skin in the future.)

So I bet you’re wondering - well what should I use to scrub my acne off? Ok maybe more like what should we use instead to exfoliate?

Let me introduce to you, your new favorite exfoliant: LOTION P50

If you really want to reduce breakouts, calm down inflammation, lessen fine lines and really maximize your skin health, add Lotion P50 into your routine and watch your skin improve by leaps and bounds over 50 days.

Want to learn more about how to use Lotion P50 and when to use it? Send me a DM with the word P50 and I’ll help you incorporate this product into your routine!

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