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The Right Way to Treat an Infected Pimple

The Right Way to Treat an Infected Pimple

Whether the result of your period, or unparalleled levels of stress, pimples remain an unwanted guest in every corner of the world. In the process of attempting to pop and eradicate this tiny burden, you may find yourself dealing with an infected pimple.

Infected pimples are far more common than they sound and there’s a proper way to go about getting rid of one, specifically to reduce scarring and get your skin back to its natural state.


How to identify an infected pimple

The first step in identifying an infected pimple is denial. We get it, and we’ve all been there. And even though you might want to scream, you’ll save your vocal cords some trauma if you know how to get ahead of infected pimples, and how to treat them when they occur.


How does a pimple become infected?

There’s a surefire recipe for pimple development, and its base ingredient is always pores clogging up with dead skin cells, bacteria or sebum.

We have natural bacteria all over our skin. Oftentimes, neutral bacteria will not flare up unless introduced to some type of irritation. 


Symptoms of an infected pimple

Because popping pimples opens up our skin, it creates a vulnerable area and a breeding ground for bacteria to seep in. Knowing what to look for when determining if a pimple is infected is key.

An infected pimple is a drama queen, it will draw far more attention than regular pimples. Appearing red and welt-y as a result of inflammation, it may be sensitive to touch and even hurt a little bit. If you see pus, that's a definite sign of infection.


Treatment for infected pimples

Even though infected pimples are the absolute worst, not all hope is lost. The good news is you have options both at home and in consulting with an esthetician.

And if you’re prone to acne, working with an esthetician can help you identify triggers, lifestyle changes and other resources to help you mitigate frequent breakouts. 

What are your at-home treatment options?

At-home treatment options sit along a broad-spectrum. Everything from tea tree oil to garlic, honey, aloe vera and more can be utilized to treat an infected pimple and remove dead skin cells.

Bee venom, echinacea and rosemary are also known to have healing properties and effects on infected pimples and skin infections in general.

It’s great to know what you can utilize in your pantry to help get an infection under control. Ultimately, you want to follow up with your provider and be certain that MRSA or staphylococcus is not a concern.


When you should go to a doctor

If your symptoms struggle to improve over a week or two, it might be beneficial to check in with a doctor. Infections can lead to serious concerns like cellulitis and sepsis. 

A skin abscess can also develop, especially with severe clogging of a hair follicle. Working with your healthcare provider can help you zoom into your specific blueprint and know exactly how to address those concerns. 

Making sure your body has what it needs to fight off infections is something doctors are happy to help with.


Other skin concerns that cause irritation

Unfortunately, there are plenty of elements and circumstances that may cause an exorbitant amount of information and irritation on your skin. Atopic dermatitis, sunburn, allergies and more can irritate and affect the skin with varying levels of severity.


Risks of an infected pimple

The risks associated with infected pimples are unfavorable to say the least. Not only can infected pimples leave you with some serious scarring, the infection can spread to other pimples, making your life much more difficult.


How to prevent future breakouts

When it comes to skin infections, especially those that include small red bumps, benzoyl peroxide is your bestie.

How To Prevent Future Breakouts

Whether you’re looking to knock out acne cysts, ingrown hairs or other skin conditions, products with benzoyl peroxide are proven to be incredibly effective.

The bottom line is that doing the big picture work now will help keep your skin in a balanced state. And if a pimple should arise, you’ll have the tools necessary to treat it before an infection enters the chat.


Follow a personalized, daily skincare routine

Staying on top of your skin care routine is the ultimate act of self care, and the number one thing you can do to protect your skin. 

Remember, SPF as your best friend and exfoliation is a must. With the right cleanser and complementary moisturizer, you’re setting your skin up to look as healthy as it feels.


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